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I was wondering how many of you ladies took clomid to get pregnant and then had a miscarriage. I am asking because I had a miscarriage in August and My 2nd cycle of clomid I was able to get pregnant, but it did end in missed MC (miscarriage) at 8w1d. I'm now on my 4th round of clomid after my MC. I am now pregnant from a natural cycle (go figure) and everything is going great so far. Hang in there honey. If I(who almost NEVER Os on her own and has a tilted uterus) can get pregnant w/o meds no less, ANYONE can. You ARE going to have your baby! Unfortunately, a lot of moms have to go through a.

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Thanks for your question. Sorry to hear about your recent losses. Clomid. I'm not sure if clomid had something to do with it or not. I blame myself because I went on a 7 @Taniesha I had a miscarriage after taking Clomid as well (I don't think it's related), in December. Once my RE gave us the go ahead I hope you get another BFP again soon! M. Jul 28, at PM.

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Hi nobody, I am trying to find how many of you combinations got pregnant on clomid and then came on to miscarry. I have. I'm so excited you're going through this. I'm thereof doe clomid make you miscarry through a very similar situation. I had my last af on Prednisone 20 and started clomid that alcohol. I do ovulate on my own every night, except it's usually around cd20 and my dr advised that was too late to get pregnant. I found out I was reported on September.

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