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My cycles are all screwed up I followed his directions and did a pregnancy test prior to taking the clomid. Son- Dawson age 4, Angel baby Clomid is a category X drug so like a previos poster said you'll have to wait and see what if any the effects are on your pregnancy. Again try and relax and wait until. Anyone ever take clomid while pregnant? Sort by: I would think there would be more data on its effects on humans if there were significant problems in the real world. My guess is that you will have to have extra testing as a precaution, but please do not worry until you have a confirmed reason to worry!

Analysis of MUSCLE SPASMS as a dangerous adverse what if you take clomid when pregnant effect of ZOFRAN. Is Viewer Twitching a common side effect of Zofran. View Os Twitching Zofran side effect risks. Female, 46 years of age, hormone lb, was diagnosed with nausea and saw Zofran I Believe It Was 4mg In Iv 1x Iv Not Conclusively Though. Has anyone on Zofran ever had surgery twitches. I've been noticing a lot lately, and the logo told me to take benadryl to clear them out. Sounds kinda excited to me, I tenter hope it's nothing permanent:.

Clomid is harmful to take if you are pregnant. My Dr. always did a pregnancy test (Blood HCG is very accurate even very early) and an ultrasound to make sure. If your doctor tested you and is certain you are not pregnant, then it is probably ok to start. If you are really worried, it may be worth skipping a month to be sure. I was on my third round of clomid (prescribed by my obgyn).. But. I'm now day 27 and the other day I took a hpt and it was positive but the digital said I was 3+ weeks post conception already, indicating i fell pregnant on my previous cycle. I'm so I think you conceived after taking the clomid. congrats!

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