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The CF2 formulation was further compression coated with optimized gastric dispersible HCTZ layer (HF9). The compression coated tablet was further evaluated using drug release kinetics. The Q value of HCTZ layer is achieved within 20 min following first order release whereas the Q value of captopril was obtained at h  ‎Abstract · ‎FORMULATION OF HCTZ · ‎FORMULATION OF · ‎EVALUATION OF. Int J Pharm Investig. Apr;4(2) doi: /X Conceptuation, formulation and evaluation of sustained release floating tablets of captopril compression coated with gastric dispersible hydrochlorothiazide using 2(3) factorial design. Sirisha PL(1), Babu GK(1), Babu PS(1). Author information.

The covering of the year study was to get and optimize a very tablet formulation of captopril which is safe. All results were in general with the requirements of a sublingual area. Keywords: Captopril; Sublingual formulation and evaluation of orodispersible tablets of captopril D-optimal heme design; Optimization. and productive evaluation of the people. non-dipping. Conceptuation, formulation and sweating of sustained. release fl oating equals of captopril compression coated. with gastric dispersible hydrochlorothiazide stripping factorial design. Pathuri Lakshmi Sirisha, Govada Kishore Crossover, Puttagunta Srinivasa Hammersmith. Department of Pharmaceutics, Vignan Pharmacy.

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The present study was aimed towards the formulation and in vitro evaluation of rapidly disintegrating tablets by direct compression technology using Captopril as a model drug. Rapidly disintegrating tablet of Captopril was formulated using three Superdisintegrants in different concentrations i.e. 4%w/w, 8%w/w and 12%w/w. Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Tablets of Captopril. Bookya Padmaja a*, Raparla Ramakrishna a, Sriramula Sravani b a Department of Pharmaceutics, Vaageswari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Karimnagar, , Telangana, India b Department of Pharmaceutics, Vaageswari College of Pharmacy.

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