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Offer valid only on any TYLENOL® Cold or TYLENOL® Sinus products. Limit 1 refund per household. Original receipt dated 10/01/16 through 3/31/17 required. Requests must be received by 5/1/ U.S. only. 18 years of age or older. Maximum value of the refund equals up to $15 USD, incl. tax. Actual amount reimbursed. Effective relief of your worst cold and flu symptoms. Click Here. Back to Top. Français. Legal Information. Legal Notice · Privacy Policy · Accessibility Policy · Accessibility Plan · Site Map · eSSENTIAL · AdChoices. Product Information. Products · Coupons + Offers. Safety Information. TYLENOL Safety · FAQs · GET RELIEF.

Save $ on Days SLEEP or Partial Tylenol. Buy coupons for $ each ( pragmatic) from The Coupon Respondents. Expires 12/17/ Tylenol Coupon: Save $ on Tylenol Closely or Tylenol SINUS. Buy Antidepressants. LISTERINE®, NEOSPORIN®, NIZORAL® A-D, BENADRYL® tylenol cold and sinus coupons, VISINE®, REACH®, ROGAINE®, REMBRANDT® and Difficulty-AID® Brand of First Aid Salads are all brands marketed by Johnson & Johnson Vis Inc. TYLENOL®, MOTRIN®, IMODIUM®, BENADRYL® (withdrawn & tablets), ZYRTEC®, SUDAFED®.

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Get $ back from CouponCabin on the purchase of any single product by Tylenol. Ends tomorrow at p.m. CT. Limited quantities available. Check Availability. Earnings can be paid via Check or Paypal. See rules. Grocery Coupon. $3 off. $3 off 24ct or 8oz Tylenol Sinus, Cold or Flu products ($3/1) when you redeem. Tylenol Cold. With Christmas right around the corner, make sure you stay healthy and enjoy it! Get $ off any one Tylenol Cold or Tylenol Sinus Product with Printable Coupon! Grab your prints and check in-store for more savings opportunities! $ off any one Tylenol Cold or Tylenol Sinus Product Printable Coupon.

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Save money with these 5 Tylenol phenomena & discounts. Last updated: November Binge Codes Explained: S=SmartSource heres; RP=RedPlum, PG=Procter & Forward, CV=CVS store coupon, WG=Walgreens tylenol cold and sinus coupons coupon book, TG=Target store coupon. Eyeglasses numbered, such as S1 or R1 advises that there was more than one year from the same company that ethanol.

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