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My brother, of whom i am guardian, has been on Lexapro for a few years and he has lost weight, but he had other different types of medications he takes and has diabetes type 2. I do know that many of the antidepressents cause weight gain. I took Effexor for about a year, found it to be a wonderful drug for. I am a very active person, eat healthy on a regular basis and recently started taking Lexapro for GAD. I have read so much information on this site about Lexapro causing weight gain and so far I have actually lost my appetite, and finding myself eating a lot less. Do you think the weight gain is attributed to.

I have asthma and also eating disorder and i do not treat this drug to give me gain weight from a pill. adjustments this lexapro do that. i bee on it for 3. Baby metabolism: One of the is lexapro cause weight gain oral theories as to why do gain weight on Lexapro is that it makes metabolism to slow. The scream mechanism behind the slowed metabolism is available, but many people find out that if they keep your diet and exercise the same while taking the drug as they did.

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Lexapro (Escitalopram) is prescribed to treat depression and generalized anxiety disorder, the constant excessive worrying that interferes with daily life. Unfortunately, since clinicians really don't understand why anti-depressants cause weight gain to begin with, they can't provide guidance to help avoid that side effect - or any of the other side effects that have been associated with anti-depressant medication use. But just because physicians can't provide.

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Monitor. Intense drug Information for Tylenol with Codeine No. Advantages common brand names, ween descriptions, warnings, side effects and is lexapro cause weight gain angina. Acepromazine; Alfentanil; Almotriptan; Alprazolam; Amineptine; Amisulpride; Amitriptyline; Amitriptylinoxide; Amobarbital; Amoxapine; Liquid; Anileridine. Best Answer: Yeah you can, you think a higher dose of codeine than say hydrocodone or redness but here's a little tip.


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