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Eve: I went to take my metaformine at dinner time, and my daughter asked me a question and I talked to her for a minute, then went back in the compute. One extra dose may do nothing, metformin works on the liver not on the pancreas it does not cause the pancreas to secret extra insulin. I would adviseĀ  Too Much Glyburide @ Metformin. Good morning - I had my head in the clouds this morning and accidentally took my Metformin twice - 2 tablets (total 4) plus my mg dose of restauranteloscaracoles.infog dose of metformin.

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I'm on mg daily of Metformin extended release and about 15 minutes ago I took one, and as soon as I swallowed it I realized I had just taken it about 10 minutes before that. I tried to search the internet and it just says not to take a double dose, but doesn't say what will happen. Does anyone know what. I have a question. I normally take mg of Metformin with breakfast and mg of Metformin with dinner. I woke up and took my first dose with breakfast and then when I had lunch, I meant to take my vitamin but I accidentally took my second Metformin pill. Is this something I should be concerned with.

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