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My poor baby just got his first cold and he's teething as well so my DH (dear husband) and I decided to give him to Baby Tylenol before bed last night. He's taken it before with no problem what so ever, but last night when we were giving it to him he had a whole face and body reaction of disgust. He started. My month old has a low grade fever ( I think she might be teething? she doesn't really have any other major symptoms except she's napping more and a little cranky) but absolutely HATES the tylenol we keep trying to give to her. She literally scream and gags (almost.

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My question is - does anyone know where I can get infant tylenol without flavoring or sugar? I check at every drug store I go to, but so far I can't find any at Target, Walgreens or Babies R Us (including generic brands). I also can't find it online. Does unflavored infant acetophinophen exist?? (I do want to add. I have never been able to successfully give him the infant tylenol oral suspension because he hates it. I have tried different flavors, tried tricking him by putting it in a bottle or with juice in a sippy cup, using the dropper in the side of his cheek, blowing in his face you name it!! When I try anything he just lets it dribble out the  How to give infant Tylenol - September Babies.

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