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Dogs weighing 30 pounds and below – mg. – Between 30 and 50 pounds – mg. – 50 pounds and above – 50mg. As previously stated, it is clear to see that a dosage of Benadryl is highly dependent on a dog's weight. As an individual who owns a dog for pet, it is highly advisable for you to first. Hi magg, Are you talking about Benadryl? Let me ask this, how old is your lab? Usually a dog will lick their paws when they have arthritis starting in the joints of their feet/legs. I hope not in your lab's case! I hope it's an allergy to a plant, and that's all! Best wishes to you and your dog, Lara. Votes: +0.

Holidays veterinarians highly recommend the use of this month in dogs and they also quite administer Benadryl dosage for dogs. This drug is It is administered by most 1 milligram for every day of a dog's weight after every 8 hours or three times per day. A lab 40 Pounds 40 mg 80 mg 50 Tablets The typical Benadryl max for dogs is 1 mg per pill how many mg of benadryl for an 80 lb dog hours. Only Caleb weighs 80 pounds and Benadryl only thing in 25 mg hos or capsules over the counter, I would give him 3 months (75 mg) or capsules every hours for his itching. This lot is very safe in dogs, though some will discover a.

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Hi there, The dose will be 1mg for every 1 pound of body weight. For example, your 90 pound dog should receive 90mg of benadryl every 8 to 12 hours. Please be certain it is the product consisting of only Diphenhydramine and DOES NOT CONTAIN ANY OTHER INGREDIENTS SUCH AS A DECONGESTANT. I hope this. You can use this table as an instrument to see how much Benadryl (Diphenhydramine) you can give your dog. You should administer 28 lb, 28 mg, 56 mg. 30 lb, 30 mg, 60 mg. 32 lb, 32 mg, 64 mg. 34 lb, 34 mg, 68 mg. 36 lb, 36 mg, 72 mg. 38 lb, 38 mg, 76 mg. 40 lb, 40 mg, 80 mg. 42 lb, 42 mg, 84 mg. 44 lb, 44 mg, 88 mg.

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