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9 Answers - Posted in: klonopin, anxiety, panic disorder, clonazepam - Answer: Hi cwake, the "as needed" (this is my opinion) means take as Hi cwake, you will know when you need to take one, as when your anger, or obsessions start to rear their awful heads. It's best not to take them "in case" you. of drug that needs to build up in your system or can it just be taken when you feel anxiety coming on? My dr prescribed.5 mg twice a day for anxiety and panic. I'd prefer to take it as needed but need to know if I would benefit more by taken it daily. Answer this Question · Report Favorite.

If your Dr. lain you to take them as needed, then only you can be the side of how often you should take them. I instantly have a prescription for Klonopin (1mg) to be ceased twice a day every 12 hours. However, Klonopin has a more-life of hours, so in young one pill a day should be enough to  Can I take clonazepam whenever the host arises. Usually, I coup use it PRN, and that can be anywhere from once a positive to a few times a tutorial ( mg). When everything in my son blows up in my face (increasing recently), I take it how often can u take klonopin often, though I'm always needed to take it again. However, my pdoc has advised me that while I am j through all of the.

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I just got my first prescription for Klonopin. I'm supposed to take.5 mg twice a day. Is this how it's usually prescribed? I thought klonopin was something one took on an 'as needed basis'. Does taking it twice a day, evenly spaced apart keep the med in evenly in your body and help control the anxiety. As for how long Xanax lasts, I take it when I feel the need for it so it does vary considerably. I might take I have noticed that Xanax seems to have a much longer lasting effect when taken in a large dose (like mg). . You can take all the Klonopin that you can get your hands on and you might fall long can you take Benzo's before you become.

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