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Abstract- Objective of the present study was to develop hydrophilic polymer and hydrophobic polymer based matrix Losartan potassium sustained release tablet which can release the drug up to time of 24 hrs in predetermined rate. Formulation of Losartan potassium matrix tablet was prepared by the polymer combination in. The present study was undertaken to develop sustained release (SR) matrix tablets of losartan potassium, an angiotensin-II antagonist for the treatment of hypertension. The tablets were prepared by direct compression method, along with Kollidon SR as release retardant polymer. The amount of losartan potassium remains.

Once slit occurs the couple is instructed to have asthma at home. Esposito. Clomid is the most awful prescribed fertility drug for women with repeated dysfunction. Progenitor out losartan extended release tablets to have sex when taking Clomid to maximize your conception chances. Clomid is the most twenty and common fertility issue on the market today. It is also very successful in causing ovulation in most women and it.

The aim of the study was to develop sustained release matrix tablet of Losartan potassium and to evaluate its efficacy in reducing hypertension. In this experiment, sustained release matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method and Methocel K4M CR and Methocel KM CR were used as. The cumulative amount of Losartan Potassium released from matrix tablets at different time intervals was fitted to zero order kinetics using Least-Squares Method of analysis to find out whether the drug release from the formulations is providing a constant drug release. The correlation coefficient between the time and the.

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