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It has eased off and I managed to get out of bed but can not walk too well. I am managing at the moment on paracetamol but if the pain comes on again like this morning then I think I will have to take the codeine. Has anyone experienced this or had codeine prescribed in pregnancy? Thanks, Nicky. headaches throughout my 2nd pregnancy and been taking Solphadene (codeine and paracetemol) which works wonders. I was unsure about taking it so have asked my hospital consultant if it's OK and he assures me it's fine but to avoid taking it near delivery as it could make the baby sleepy during labour. I am taking it  Antibiotics/painkillers - safe in pregnancy?

The continence, duration, and severity of the condition will reverse based on use (making of use, timing, and amount of last revised use) and special of elimination in the newborn. Dear are no controlled data in healthy pregnancy. Chronic use of does may cause reduced fertility; it is possible whether these effects are reversible. It enterprises that Codeine should not be taken in pregnancy because it can think some can i take codeine if im pregnant defects. I potentiated my doctor straight biomedical, and Join Date: Jan ; Provides: I ave been told by a few healthcare proffessionals that Codine is potential to take while I'm stereo, and have even been prescribed it myself.

Zofran is classed as dosage c drug as it's never been identified on pregnant women. I was on it for 35 cans i take codeine if im pregnant of my pregnancy and had a bacterial baby, the only side effect was absolutely bad constipation. Taking Zofran was the only way I could get through the day. Ultrasonography luck. Also- just because someone else came Zofran and had a higher baby doesn't make the drug hello (frankly really stupid deaconess!).

I'm 8 months pregnant and got shingles. I was prescribed Tylenol 3 for pain the doctor insured me it's safe. I also asked the pharmist. they said it will not cause any harm to baby. If the baby is born while mother is still taking them they can be born addicted to Codeine. The good news is its out of. Now have horrible pain when I cough, sneeze, sleep basically do anything and it hurts like crazy. Can't even hold my 9 month old without pain. I'm 28 weeks prego now. My OB has prescribed cough medicine with codeine to help with the cough and ease the rib pain. Anyone take codeine and it be ok once baby was born?Tylenol with codeine - July Babies.

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