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I want to know if it's worth it for me to pick up the prescription for Skelaxin. I've tried so many drugs to help with this matter and none seem to work. I want to know if it's worth having around. I love Somas and they work for me but for some reason, my doctor doesnt like prescribing them at all to any of her. Sorta like the warmth you get from a good drink, but focused into the muscles. So then I decided to take 20mg of vicodin. This was half an hour after the skelaxin. I honestly didnt notice much more of a difference as far as the potentiation goes. I got a good buzz as usual. Ended up taking 10mg more after.

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"Curiosity Leads to Interesting Experience: An Experience with Metaxalone (Skelaxin) (exp)". I know that it is not for everyone though, and I recommend taking it on its own before adding other things to it, to make sure that you do not get sick. Anyway I guess overall I'd give the experience a 6/ For the past 2 years, I have been consistently prescribed oxycodone – in various forms – for a broken back, the subsequent surgery, and post-surgical pain. I have developed quite a tolerance as you might imagine, requiring over mg a day to alleviate the pain. I also misused the prescription, insufflating.

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