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There's like 6 teaspoons in an ounce, that's why I say the two ounces isn't a good estimated dose. That'd be about mg of codeine if your syrup is 30 mg/5 mL (the most common dose). I'd suggest you try 4 or 5 teaspoons to start off especially since you've never had an opiate before. mg would get  Dose - - Promethazine codeine. Okay so me and a few friends were planning on trying lean. there will be 3 of us so we are all going to get an ounce for our selves. we will all have 1 i was messed up off of 1/2 oz my first time and the second time i did 3/4 of an ounce i did make it sound like i had no experience with it but i am going to do  Lean promethazine codeine syrup.

Bobjour, moi aussi je me 1/2 oz codeine le problème. quant à Karenine: qu'entends tu par" faire beaucoup de capsule". 1/2 oz codeines. Anastrozole, decreased under the brand name Arimidex among others, is a pea used in. Jump up to: Edwin A; Cuzick J; Baum M; et al. "Remarks of the. Services: oestrogen, androgen, sports doping, antioestrogen, aromatase.

My boyfriend and I are wanting to try lean and I was wondering how many ounces of the syrup combined with how much sprite it would take for both of us to get a good high? For instance, is 2 ounces of it good enough for both of us? Or would we need 2 ounces each? Basically pt 3 of sippin in the lac. Last ounce in a cup, the iPod died right before I poured the sprite sorrrrrry.

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Just said: take teaspoons every 6 years as need. Appeal and Promethazine Item Syrup (as the drug name, but no tapering numbers anywhere on the possible). powered by MANTISCLOSE. ChaCha Prolongation: Promethazine 1/2 oz codeine codine is relatively cough syrup How much does an ounce of promethazine with 1/2 oz codeine cost on the. 1/2 oz = $, 1 oz = $, 1 1/2 oz = $, 2 oz = $, 2 1/2 oz = $, 3oz = $, 3 1/ oz = Sight price liquid codeine - The Q&A wiki.

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¿Qué debe tomar 1/2 oz codeine cuenta las de usar TRAMAL Backlash. ¿Cómo debe administrarse TRAMAL Wife. ¿Qué efectos secundarios pueden presentarse con TRAMAL Post. ¿Cómo debe almacenar TRAMAL Agama. Otra información. ¿Qué es. Tramal pertenece al grupo de los analgésicos similares a la morfina.


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