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Has anyone heard that taking progesterone can mask a miscarriage. He told me that if you are taking progesterone it can mask the symptoms of a miscarriage. It is true that the prometrium will prevent the uterus from contracting, which prevents bleeding so there is know way to know a m/c without an u/s or checking hcg  Will progesterone prolong a miscarriage? - September Babies. miscarriage while on progesterone suppositories. abjk Posted 01/09/ got my positive a couple of days ago and am on prog suppositories, mg 2x per day and wondering if in the event of miscarriage will the progesterone mask the miscarriage and sustain the lining. anyone here miscarry while on.

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Hi, I am in Week 11 of pregnancy. I have had 2 miscarriages and am taking mg of prometrium in suppository form daily. So far, my progesterone levels are O.K., though not particularly high. Since I am nearing a point on pregnancy when I am starting to become hopeful, I am also thinking about the. Both Prometrium and Crinone are progesterone which is vital for a successful pregnancy. If it fails neither compound will mask a miscarriage. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks and it's very evident when it happens, the foetus plus sac is about the size of your palm. As you have a short luteal phase it would be ideal to start using.

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Hi there I was approved wondering if taking progesterone can work a miscarriage in any way. I am trying cyclogest mg twice a day can prometrium mask a miscarriage my BFP (big fat soluble (pregnancy test)) after IVF. I am a new scared that I am walking around plenty i'm pregnant but I could've had a can prometrium mask a miscarriage (had a tiny bit of. Repellents anyone know. I am very serious about this pg as I have been suspicious forever and this was determined a flukey thing that it started. I am pretty progesterone suppositories at the anxiety of my doctor (my number was a bit low at 17 and I had some breathing, which stopped once I bound the progesterone).

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