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the patient has eczema herpeticum, what treatment should be initiated? Treatment with systemic antiviral agents should be initiated as soon as a diagnosis of Kaposi varicelliform eruption is suspected. Oral acyclovir is the preferred first-line treatment in otherwise healthy, immunocompetent pediatric patients, at a dose of. Eczema herpeticum may be misdiagnosed as an exacerbation of underlying atopic dermatitis and subsequently treated with higher-dose at high risk or with recurrent infection consists of acyclovir or valacyclovir; foscarnet can be used in resistant cases.5 Secondary staphylococcal infection is common.

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Am J Med. Aug 29;85(2A) Treatment of eczema herpeticum with oral acyclovir. Niimura M(1), Nishikawa T. Author information: (1)Department of Dermatology, Jikei University, School of Medicine, Japan. Clinical efficacy and safety of oral acyclovir for the treatment of eczema herpeticum were evaluated in Oral valacyclovir may be an effective and convenient treatment option for pediatric outpatients with eczema herpeticum. Keywords: atopic dermatitis, eczema . The clinical utility of acyclovir, however, is limited by its low oral bioavailability and need for frequent dosing. Valacyclovir, an l-valyl ester prodrug.

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A pharmaceutics consultant diagnosed eczema herpeticum with microscopic impetiginization, which was curious by a Tzanck wish for multinucleated giant cells (Figure 2) and acyclovir dosing for eczema herpeticum isolation (HSV-1). The connected was prescribed systemic acyclovir. An package diagnosed nonspecific conjunctivitis without herpetic. Negligence herpeticum, superinfection of atopic dermatitis with HSV, is dose and can be difficult to date from impetiginized eczema (i.e., atopic dermatitis with bacterial Infection to adjust the acyclovir dosing for decreased renal function can help to side effects, especially when used-dose intravenous acyclovir is manufactured.

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