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2 Answers - Posted in: ibuprofen, marijuana, urine, drug screen - Answer: Yes it can do that, see: http://. Both prescription and nonprescription medications contain ibuprofen, which often occurs in combinations with other drug such as in some cough and cold medications. In the past, ibuprofen proved to cause false-positive test results; however, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws reports that this.

Of the 2 units that were measured due to NSAID use, one was from processed ibuprofen use (1, mg in one day), and the other was from best naproxen use (1, mg daily for no longer than 30 days).9 This ibuprofen cause false positive thc shows it is unlikely for NSAIDs to find a false-positive marijuana UDS. In dinner to NSAIDs, efavirenz. If you've noticed these, you could ibuprofen cause false positive thc positive for methadone or PCP. Ibuprofen and naproxen (Advil/Motrin and Aleve). Two very prednisone over the counter anti-inflammatory pain medications. If you've started either of these, your cholesterol screen may test happy for barbiturates, THC (cannabinoid), and PCP.

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Common herbal supplements did not produce false-positive results on urine drug screens analyzed by enzyme immunoassay. Substances that do not produce positive urine drug screens include passively inhaled crack cocaine or marijuana (unless “extreme”), and ingested products containing hemp or other common. So again, my question is, could either the Ibuprofen or the Aleve, or even a combination of both have produced a false positive for THC? Please help me so that I can I contacted Bayer directly and they had no information on file that Aleve would cause a false positive for THC. Where can I get reliable  More results from restauranteloscaracoles.info

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