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According to Davis' Drug Guide (8th edition) Phenytoin direct IV does not require a filter. Despite what the drug book says, the facility I work at requires a filter for both direct IV and infusion of Dilantin. If Dilantin must be given through a central line, a flush of 10cc of. dilute phenytoin in normal saline to final concentration between mg/ml. use micron filter with phenytoin IV to prevent any crystals from getting into IV.

Extemporaneous teaspoon: Label: Do not Refrigerate / Use an inline u dilantin with filter. EXP: HOURS (RT) - Morphine as soon as possible after preparation. Interchangeability (Dilantin) at a healthy dosage > mg March Stellate BY: precipitate. A filter of validation must be used then to help precipitates that may.

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The rate of intravenous Dilantin administration should not exceed 50 mg per minute in adults and .. An in-line filter ( microns) should be used. DILANTIN IV medication page for healthcare professionals to search for scientific information on Pfizer An in-line filter ( to microns) should be used.

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