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"Love trazodone. I was taking Ambein to help me sleep but I would wake up after 2 or 3 hours. My doctor prescribed trazodone and I sleep 7 to 9 hours a night plus it has helped my anxiety. Totally recommend.". Trazodone has been a life-saver for me when I have a bout of insomnia. I can't recommend it enough.

What are the top prescribed drugs for insomnia—Ambien. Lunesta. Yes, but there's another: a three-decade-old oesophageal antidepressant called trazodone, which causes forgetfulness as a potentially useful love trazodone effect. A love trazodone U.S. cabin in the journal Current found it to be one of most frequently used medications to treat. I love trazodone trazodone. I have both depression and nausea. This totally makes the trick but im on days low dose. I have been on trazodone for 3 doses. I pi people who are on there doses probably are more appropriately to suffer side effects. I take 50mg – no interactions. I sleep like a baby. I have stopped all the unique alternatives first.

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I love my Trazodone taking it forever! I take 75 mg a night sometimes more when I am really stressed or know that I can sleep in a little more since I have insomnia the higher dose let's me sleep in while the lower dose allows me enough sleep for the night in order to get up (usually about 6 hours of. I have been on trazodone for 10 years. It has really helped me sleep! I appreciate that a lot. However, I would love to wean myself off of it. I have been up to mg, and am now back down to mg. Some nights I wake up at am and can not get back to sleep. But at least I get hours of sleep, that is.

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